The clearing of snow is typically performed by a combination of equipment, from large loaders with pusher boxes to pickup trucks with smaller snow plows, depending on the size of the property. Our seasoned operators and drivers are careful to place snow where it belongs, according to the pre-designed plow map, not on islands, fire hydrants, or landscaping.


We have the ability and experience to efficiently haul snow either on site or off site. Using a combination of plows, pushers, loaders, and dump trucks—all working in tandem—we can haul snow as quickly as it is plowed and move it to its final destination.


De-icing applications are made after an accumulation of snow or ice with a wide selection of materials to melt snow or ice and to improve safety as well as accessibility.

• Magic Salt™
• Bulk & Bagged Salt
• Bulk Sand Salt Mix
• Calcium Chloride
• Magnesium Chloride
• Calcium Magnesium Acetate


Maintaining clear sidewalks to ensure safe access to walkways, steps, handicap ramps, & entrances is crucial and often leads to a reduction of slip-and-fall accidents.

We have invested in specialized equipment and machines for sidewalks including walk-behind spreaders, snow-caster shovels, machines. We apply highly-effective de-icing materials on sidewalks; able to melt snow or ice in temperatures as low as -35 degrees Fahrenheit while still being eco-friendly

Environic Snow Management Services provides commercial winter management solutions throughout southern New England.